The magic of the medina

The medina in Marrakesh is a magical place, filled with something for all senses.  And all ages.  The spice market.  The leather souks.  The musicians, snake-charmers and story-tellers that fill the Djeema Al-Fna, the busy square popular with locals and tourists, along with the food stalls that fill the area with the aroma of kebabs as they attract hungry tourists.

You really never know what you will see here.

Today, it was a zebra skin taped to a wall of a dead-end street that had me laughing hysterically!

Hanging out in the medina
Hanging out in the medina

0 thoughts on “The magic of the medina

  1. OMG Mandy lol – what the hell! Zebra taped to the wall must try that look sometime at home. I am really enjoying your adventure. I have been checking in regularly.

    Ottawa tonight is buried under approx. 1 foot of snow – SUCKS big time. Just got in from shovelling and enjoying a cup of tea. And thinking of you and your exotic adventure. Good for you Mandy, maybe some day I will go on a adventure like you are taking. My adventure would start in Greece, my dream vacation.

    Be good – (I know define good)

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