Keeping up the pace

Tea time!

In North America we are always busy.  Packing our evenings with events.  Squeezing in a gym workout.  Cramming more work into our day than we can possibly accomplish.  Driving children from one extracurricular activity to the next. Constantly checking our smart phones and responding immediately.

Yet at the end of the day, what have we accomplished?  Have we really talked with anyone?  Or built any new relationships?  Strengthened a friendship?  Or asked ourselves if we are truly happy with our current life?

The one thing that probably takes up most of my time here in Morocco is drinking tea.  Not just one cup, but three.  Because after three cups of tea, you are family.

Sure it can be a bit frustrating when you have things to do that you’d like to get done immediately.  But I also think it creates better relationships and a more caring and trusting community.  And a way for me to meet locals and new friends.

Those who are pressed for time are half-dead

While on about cup #2 of our mint tea, a new friend introduced me to this expression.

Looking back, one of my biggest regrets is not taking the time to get to know some of the colleagues I worked with for nearly four years.  Instead I’d sit at my desk and eat lunch while working away on a project.  Or run down to the cafe and grab a coffee to go.

Towards the end of the contract I started to change.  And I came to know some amazing people that I spent eight hours a day with.  Like yesterday I received an email from a former colleague.  While we are no longer work for the same organization, I am happy to call her a friend.  And not just on Facebook.  All because we finally decided to schedule ourselves a coffee break.

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