The single life

I’m single.  I am in no rush to change my relationship status.  I don’t need sympathy or concern that I live a lonely life.  Nope.  I love it.

Sure, I go home by myself.  But after I’ve decided to work late, take a yoga class or a have dinner with a friend.  My weekend getaways are at own discretion.  Financial decisions require just a quick glance at the budget.  Vacations are easy as I can go wherever I’d like, and visit whoever I’d like to see.

It’s not a selfish lifestyle.  It’s one that more and more people in our society are choosing for themselves.

But in a society where single people outnumber those in couples, and divorce rates are extremely high, why do we still feel pity for single people?

Somewhere along the way, it became socially acceptable to ask single people why they are single? Or when they are going to get married.  Yet a single person would never ask a couple why they are choosing to get married.

In Morocco, I am noticing similar attitudes.  Sure I get asked why I’m not married.  If I even wanted to get married.  Or if I were married in the past.

But we are raised in a society filled with Disney princesses on the path to finding their prince charming. Now, it’s time we balance lifestyle choices in popular culture.  Maybe then, we’ll stop questioning a lifestyle more and more people are choosing.

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