Decisions, decisions

Leather souks in Fes
Shoe options in the leather souks in Fes

Sometimes we make decisions and may second-guess ourselves after.  We may question if it were the right choice.  If the decision were made too quickly and we should’ve thought it through more.  Or sometimes we think about things for too long and we don’t ever make a decision.  Other times people’s comments may make us question ourselves.

Or, their comments confirm that the decision we’ve is 100 per cent correct!

Contrarily, we may meet people along the journey of life that influence our lives and open our ideas to new ideas.  And, consequently, the opportunity to make a decision we never considered.  Or even knew about.

On occasion, I think the best decisions are those which are made for us.  Like being laid off.  Or broken up with.  They are opportunities rather than downfalls.

But whatever your instincts are telling you, follow them.  Make a decision. Take a risk.

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