Happy face. Sad face.

Meeting for mint tea with great friends
Meeting for mint tea with great friends

Things that make me happy = great friends. Things that make me sad = leaving great friends and knowing that I may never live in the same city as them again.

Also on the sad list is the friends you meet while travelling, instantly bond with but you may never see again. Or at least not often.

Knowing that you have limited time together, there is only time for laughing, great conversations and just generally enjoying each others company. Because soon it will be over.

In the past six months, I’ve met some amazing people. Both while travelling and here at home. We can chat for hours. And often do. What makes me sad is that like me, they also have a desire to go overseas. Knowing that we may never spend an afternoon in a cafe chatting and laughing our heads off makes me sad.

So my advice: time is limited. Fill it with great friends. Enjoy each meeting with the special people in your life. Set aside any differences. And if you can’t, perhaps you shouldn’t be friends.

After all, our time is too precious to spend with people we are not completely compatible with. You may miss the opportunity to spend time with someone whose company you truly enjoy!

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  1. I’m all emotionnal now ! I#We can get so excited by our projects that we forget the GOOD stuff we are going to leave behind. sniff sniff

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