Role playing

Riding through the Sahara Desert, Morocco
Riding through the Sahara Desert, Morocco

We all have a lot of roles to play.  Daughter. Sister. Aunt. PR professional. Board member. Friend. Just a few roles I play in addition to being Mandy.

Sometimes though one of our roles demands more of our attention and we are unable to give 100 per cent to each of our roles.  And that’s OK, we need to prioritize.  As our lives get busier and busier sometimes we don’t take time for the roles that are most special.  Or most gratifying.

We may also miss living out the true role we want to be fulfilling.  Being one’s self.

Afterall, we each have our own passions.  Our own goals and desires.  But sometimes we put these aside to ensure we fulfill the expectations of our other roles.  By doing so, we forget that in order to effectively fulfil all of our roles, we must be happy as ourselves.

And making this choice doesn’t make us selfish.  Or irresponsible. Or immature. Nope.  It’s deciding to live life as determined by you, the owner.

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