Bon appetit!

Sometimes I think I have the best job on Earth.  Like today, I got to judge the international student cook-off.  One hour of pure deliciousness.  Spices. Flavours that I don’t usually get to enjoy. Sweets.  Students telling me about their cultures while dressed in their traditional clothing.  It was a little taste of heaven.

But it makes me wonder why people travel to other countries only to seek out the Starbucks and McDonald’s.  Um seriously?!  People like that wouldn’t travel well with me.  Nope.  I eat everything.  In Morocco we ate camel and I have to say, it was not bad.  In Australia I ate kangaroo.  I will have to confess that I didn’t eat grubs in New Zealand, but I did enjoy the local beer and wine.

Anyway, now I’m full and probably won’t have to eat anything until breakfast tomorrow.

Bon appetit!

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