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Koranic school in Fes

When I was a university student I didn’t always realize the joy of learning.  Deadlines, essays, exams, part-time jobs, socializing, stressing about money and life in general tended to take over.  Sure there were a few courses I took during my undergraduate degree that were interesting and had nothing to do with my program. And I agree that out of class experiences are just as valuable as the in-class learning.  But if I could it again there would certainly be a few changes I’d make.

I’d take more classes out of interest.  In fact, I’d probably even do my fourth year.  I’d spend more time going to lectures, hearing opposing viewpoints and taking part in fascinating conversations hosted by leading researchers.  Afterall, knowledge of this kind never really goes out of style.

While I certainly have a passion for communications (my degree), I’m realizing now that I’m fascinated by culture, history and religion.  If I were still a student, I’d take more of these courses.

But since I’m not really interested in returning to full-time studies just yet, I’m seeking out other ways to learn about these subjects.  Like experiencing it first hand.  My preferred learning style.

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