Accountability, to oneself

I have to admit, there are times when I just want to leave right this second.  And other times when I feel like I may be getting cold feet.  Well maybe just chilly feet.  Life here is pretty comfortable.  Government jobs. Nice city. Great lifestyle. Cultural and outdoor spaces to enjoy.  But I know this is the right decision.

Sometimes though we have these ideas in our head of things we’d like to do, but until we start telling people or writing them down, we don’t actually accomplish them.  If we don’t share our ideas, no one is there to hold us accountable.  That’s why I like group fitness classes.  By showing up, you are telling the class that you care about your health.  That you want to have a workout.  The other people are there to hold us accountable.  Afterall, no one wants to be the one who gets off their spin bike half way through the class because it’s challenging and not fun and probably a million other things you’d rather be doing.

But throughout life I’ve found that writing down your goals, ambitions whatever you may want to achieve, you hold yourself accountable.  Kinda like this blog.  Though I may have chilly feet, my idea is out there so it’s bon voyage for me!  But more than that, you also may start to meet other people who are holding similar thoughts.  Or you may find someone to encourage you when you too get chilly feet.

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  1. I understand completely and it is true that the more people you tell about your plans the more you are accountable to follow through on them. It is hard to fall back on what you have told people you are going to do! I have a plan in my head right now that I have not told too many people about but I can’t get it out of my head so I feel I must follow through with it.. ….If it is consuming my thoughts and it is a good thing to do then I should do it! However, my plan is contingent on one other person sharing this amazing opportunity with me and I have not gotten this person convinced yet….however, that does not mean I am giving up!! Once I get this person on board I will tell everyone and there will be no turning back!! We must follow our dreams. We have one shot at this ‘life” and we need to make the most of it . So YOU GO GIRL!!! No chilly feet allowed!

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