Leaving it to the stars

The other day I was cleaning up when I found a horoscope from a few months ago that for some reason I decided to save.

If certain people are being less than supportive then maybe it’s time you got some new friends.  You don’t have to stick with the same old crowd.  You don’t have to think you owe them anything.

I have to say, I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people who encourage me.  People who decided to take a risk and follow their own dreams.  People who tell me to stick to my dream when I think it probably would be easier to just give in and settle into a nice, cozy job.  Now I’ve certainly had my share of crazy ideas.  But through it all, good friends have been there to listen and either approve or disapprove with reasoning.  For this I am truly appreciative.

But there are always the others we run in to.

You know the type.  The one person who criticizes everything.  Who always sees the negative side.  The well what-if this happens? person. The one who cannot understand why you’d want to give up the luxuries like tap water we take for granted to explore another culture.  Or my favourite, the story about friend’s uncle’s ex-wife’s sister-in-law who “travelled there 20 years ago and it was so unsafe she said she’d never go back.”  Yep.  *smile and nod*

Well those are the people I think this horoscope refers to.  The people who, no matter what,  will never support you simply because they cannot see beyond the negative. Realize the difference between those who may not support your ideas in the interest of genuinely caring about you, and those that are generally negative.

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  1. Hehe, and most of the time “those” people are just too afraid to do anything with their lives… so why should YOU ? It’s just not “normal”. I really hate when people try to bring you (down) to their level. Anyways, I am with you 100% !

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