Parlez-vous francais?

Air France had the pleasure of delivering me to Morocco and the flight attendants obviously wanted to serve me in French.  No way.  Not happening.  This girl doesn’t speak French while in Canada.  English, please.

However, when I arrived in Morocco my driver from the Casablanca airport to my hotel only spoke French and man did he have a lot of questions, to which I responded in French bien sur.  Encouraged by unknown fluency, I then proceeded to fill my day with speaking French to random Moroccans who were very interested in chatting with me.  I didn’t realize how much French I actually knew.  We spoke about retirement, travelling, life in Morocco, Moroccans living in Europe, until I couldn’t drink anymore coffee.  I met friends in cafes and we spoke in French. I even took a cooking class in French and my tajine was delicious!  It was splendid and I realized once again how much I love that language.

So I decided to enroll myself in a French class here in Ottawa and today I had my language assessment.  Miss Mandy will be registered in Level 7 (Level 8 is the highest), and I owe it all to my Moroccan EDUCATIONAL adventure.   I will also now be prepared for my return.

A bientot, Maroc!

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